Custom-Molded Back Support

Ortho-Armor improves ergonomics, aligns posture, provides comfort and most importantly reduces the probability of injury. This translates into improved health and safety of any squadron with fewer days off due to pain and injury, thereby decreasing overall cost and increased force readiness.


Orthotics for
your back!

Ortho-Armor is a custom molded orthopedic body armor back support for use with soft armor.

Made of Kevlar fiber based splinting material, which is custom molded directly to the users back for immediate and precise fitting every time.

Fully covered by extended health benefits and fits directly into all existing soft armor vests.

It will improve ergonomics, aligns posture, provide comfort and most importantly reduces probability of injury.

Medical-Grade Splinting Material

Kevlar Fiber-Based Thermoplastic

Ortho Armor is a customized semi-rigid orthopedic custom-molded back support.

Made with a 7 1/2″ x 10-15″ panel of medical-grade, Kevlar fiber-based splinting material, the Ortho-Armor is fitted directly to the users back for immediate and precise fitting every time.

Thus, keeping the spine in the optimal postural position to allow function, healing and injury prevention.

Anti-Microbial Layer

Molded Foam

Our modular compression molded foam core is designed to conform to the unique contours of a patient’s body delivering improved patient comfort.

It is covered in a soft anti-microbial layer to help wick moisture and reduce odor. The modular step-up/step-down design allows for single brace use through rehabilitation and recovery.

Ortho-Armor improves ergonomics, aligns posture, provides support and reduces the probability of injury while allowing function and healing.

Extra Layer of Protection

We Got Your Back!

Ortho-Armor has completed multiple tests at an NIJ Certified ballistics lab.

Results showed that the Ortho will reduce secondary impact forces by 79% and will not cause injury to the wearer after being shot multiple times.

Backface deformation of the clay behind the armour panel was significantly reduced when Ortho-Armor was between the panel and the clay. 

The Ortho reduced deformation (secondary impact forces) by 79%, and 87% respectively over three 9mm rounds fired along its length, compared to the soft armour panel alone.

Insurance Benefits

Covered by your Extended Health Benefits Plan under its own category.

Police Approved

Designed, tested and refined using feedback from law enforcement end-users.

Custom Fit

Customized on-site for immediate and precise fitting every time.

Added Protection

Reduce secondary impact force by 80% and will not cause injury  after being shot multiple times.

FDA Approved

Made with FDA approved and KEVLAR® fiber-based  splinting material.

Pain Relief

Fewer days off due to Pain and Injury, thereby decrease cost and increase force readiness.

Benefits have been especially noted after using while standing for prolonged periods (most notably during 8 hour paid duties).

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Don’t Let Back Pain Be Part of The Job!

Ortho-Armor is an upgrade to your existing vest and immediately improves postural support and comfort while also decreasing the risk of back pain and injury. It is also used to help alleviate symptoms of myofascial and spinal pain or injuries, which are so prevalent among law enforcement officers.