Integrated Back Support for Military

An innovative lightweight body armor suspension system that fits comfortably between a plate carrier and the wearer’s back. A key benefit of the EPS is the fact it can be incorporated into an existing plate carrier and is a belt-free load lift system to enhance plate carrier comfort.

Ergo-Performance System

Back Support

The Ergo Performance System (EPS) is a body armor suspension system, which fits between a plate carrier and the wearer’s back.

This system was developed through collaboration between Elite Sports Bio-mechanics Specialists, Chiropractors, Naval Medical Doctors, Special Operators, and Law Enforcement Personnel.

It is a lightweight system that helps increase range of motion, ventilation, optimize performance, prevent injury, and improve comfort without changing your plate carrier.

"The EPS gives a very real improvement in breathing, especially during extended physical exertion, and reduces chafing on the usual vest pressure points. This is especially remarkable and has to be tried to be believed."

Dissipates heat by increasing airflow by an average of 50%

Decreases heat under back panel of carrier by 12-16 degrees

Increases Thoracic range of motion by 25-68%

Increase lung capacity by 17% thus decreasing fatigue

Decreases back muscle fatigue by 10-25%

Incorporates Into Any Existing Plate Carrier

Developed for Elite Military/LE

Body armor is heavy, hot, restrictive, and can be uncomfortable, the EPS is the only system of its kind and was developed by focusing on improving the interface between equipment and operator.

  • Made with Dri-lex performance spacer mesh on shoulders and lumbar
  • Designed to improve the overall performance of most armor carriers on the market
  • Ventilation adjustment strap system designed to aid in temperature regulation and overall load mitigation while wearing
  • Adjustable shoulder harness attachment points to maximize carrier compatibility
  • Adjustable bottom attachment straps for carrier compatibility
  • Comfort collar made from Dri-Lex spacer mesh
  • Padded lumbar and shoulders for added comfort and support
  • Rubberized mesh reinforced abrasion points for durability
  • Provides assistive postural support to offset front heavy carrier and lift load off of the shoulders
  • Mitigates impact forces

EPS video

Ergo-Performance System

An innovative, patented lightweight body-armor suspension system that fits comfortably between a plate carrier and the wearer’s back.

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