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Ergo Operations Ltd. provides professional training and education that is easy to incorporate and implement into any practice.

This program is organized to teach health care providers to biomechanically evaluate anyone wearing body armour (Military, law enforcement, security, border protective services, etc.). It provides step-by-step training to custom mold the Ortho-Armor back support, modify it for specific duties, and mount it to a variety of body armour systems.

Health-Care Providers choose the Ortho-Armor bracing system because it is an innovative tool in both preventing and treating injuries.

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Health Care Professionals

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Medically Prescribed Bracing
Designed for use Under Body Armour

Class 1 Medical Device

Supporting Force Health & Wellness

  • Ortho-Armor was developed through collaboration and feedback between Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Biomechanics Specialists, Bracing Specialists, Ballistics Specialists, Armourers, Police Officers, and Military Operators.

  • The only brace that has been NIJ Ballistic Lab Tested to be safely used underneath body armour worn by law enforcement.

  • Classified as Class 1 Medical Device (Durable Medical Equipment) and covered by Extended Health Benefits and WSIB when prescribed by an approved health professional.

  • Custom Molded on the spot by trained Health Professionals.

Don’t Let Back Pain Be Part of The Job!

Help Prevent Law Enforcement Injury

Ortho-Armor has been used to protect, support and/or treat a variety of injuries common in law enforcement officers including but not limited to:

  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Scoliosis
  • Lumbar Stenosis
  • Sacroiliitis
  • Facet Dysfunction
  • Muscle Tears or Spasm
  • Postural Dysfunctions
  • Compression Fractures

Most importantly Ortho-Armor prevents fatigue of the erector muscles and does not inhibit core activation as other back braces do.

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Ergo-Operation’s Tactical and Medical Education Series

Our updated seminar series explores the science and business of prescribing and molding the custom Ortho-Armor system, how to further modify the system for duty specific considerations, a review of case studies, and an intro into tactical equipment and common injuries associated with its use.

Our seminars offer practical, hands-on sessions to hone your exam, molding, interpretation, and prescribing skills.